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How To Get Your Face Fit For The Party Season

Facial exercises are up there as some of our favourite ways to take skincare to the next level. Of course, nailing the perfect cleansing and moisturising routine is vital. And fewer things are more important than protecting your skin from the sun by applying an antioxidant serum like Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum – followed by your essential Organic Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 25, of course. 

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But if you’ve got this all down to a tee and fancy taking things up a notch, why not try a daily facial fitness routine to add a little extra oomph to your already awesome skin?

Facial exercises are not like spending an hour at the gym: they require zero Lycra and can be done and dusted in a matter of minutes. You can even do them in bed after waking up and before the madness of your day begins.

But, what’s the point, you may ask? Well, just like your body, your face is full of muscles that can weaken if you don’t use them. Weak muscles are unable to do their job properly, so as gravity takes over and collagen levels drop – which inevitably happens when you get older – they can’t hold your skin as tight and firm as they should.

On the other hand, working out your muscles helps strengthen, tone, lift and boost volume. And who doesn’t want that for their face? Exercising also increases blood circulation which feeds your skin with oxygen, helps remove toxins and basically make your skin look, well, so much better. 

When you combine a quick facial exercise plan with a fabulous skincare routine, the natural-looking results you will achieve are worth their weight in gold. 

Feel like getting on the facial exercise train? Then we’ll meet you at platform five with two one-way tickets to fabulous skin! And these are the five exercises on the timetable – each targeted to a different area of your face …

1. The Glow-Getter

Perfect For: Boosting overall radiance

How To Do It: Fill up your mouth with as much air as possible and puff out your cheeks. Next, swish the air from cheek to cheek for a full minute. This gets the blood flowing around your cheeks and mouth. It will also help lift saggy jowls and smooth lines around your lips – bonus!

2. Just Browsing

Perfect For: Lifting your brows

How To Do It: Place the pads of your index and middle fingers on the outer corners of your eyebrows and gently lift them up and out. Then try to counteract this lift by using the muscles in your eyebrows to push them downwards.

Hold for 10 seconds, relax and repeat five times. This is a tricky one to master, but worth it in the long run!

3. The Neck’s Best Thing

Perfect For: Tightening your neck 

How To Do It: Tilt your head back and, keeping your mouth closed, make a chewing motion with your mouth. Chew in one direction 10 times, then repeat in the other direction ...

While you’re there – and if you’ve got it in you – you could also follow this exercise by pouting your lips 20 times. These motions will all help increase blood flow and work out your neck muscles.

4. Head Of The Class

Perfect For: Targeting horizontal lines on your forehead

How To Do It: Place both hands on your forehead with your fingers pointing towards each other in the middle of your head. Spread your fingers out between your brows and your hairline, then apply gentle pressure and sweep them across your forehead to each side of your head. Relax, then repeat 10 times. 

PS: This works even better if you apply a little Organic Age-Defying Facial Oil to cleansed skin first.

5. The Cheek Lift

Perfect For: Toning your cheeks

How To Do It: Keeping your mouth closed, pout your lips like you’re about to kiss someone. Then try to smile while keeping your lips pursed and your eyes relaxed. Hold for around 10 seconds. Relax and repeat five times to work out and help lift your cheek muscles.

Finally, 3 Important Q&As About Facial Exercising…

1. How Often Should You Work Out Your Face? 

This is up to you, but for the best results, experts suggest five times a week. Also, try to do them at the same time, so you get into a consistent routine. We like to do them first thing in the morning, but you could do them at your desk or whilst watching telly. It’s your choice and most importantly about fitting them in your schedule.

2. And For How Long Each Time? 

10 minutes is enough but if you can spare a little longer, then 15 minutes is even better. Just remember not to try to speed things up by aggressively pulling and tugging at your face and neck. This could damage your skin – not the idea at all.

3. When Should You Expect Results? 

Stick to a regular facial workout and you should start to notice improvements in your skin after two or three months. Especially if you continue with your HIGHBORN favourites and look after yourself with some early nights and lots of healthy food at the same time. 

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Electra Peddle on December 24 2021 at 12:58AM

Can feel the effects after just one go, gonna try and keep it up thanks Highborn x

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