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How To Get Dazzling Eyes In A Flash

Your precious peepers really are something you can turn around in the nick of time! So whether you’ve managed to stay well, you’re coming out the other side, or your plans have been scuppered last min, we hear you.

And we’re here to help put a little sparkle back into your eyes in time for the festivities (because the entire you will benefit, no matter where you’re at right now).

No matter what this holiday season is looking like for you, there’s one thing you’ll know for sure … Your eyes will be your centrepiece. So let’s bring you three easy ways to make sure your eyes look bright, white and super sparkling in a flash … 

1. The Right Skincare For Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is one of the first areas to age and look dull due to its thin, fragile nature. It also loses water fast and lacks sebaceous glands to keep it naturally moisturised which means dryness, dehydration and premature lines are almost a given as you get older, and even when you’re stressed or under the weather!

To give your eyes the best care possible, look out for treatments that target specific eye concerns like dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet. Just like our our awesome Imperial Eye Gel. This gorgeous, eye-boosting treatment is formulated with ingredients like aloe vera, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and green tea to keep the skin around your eyes firm, bright, hydrated and moisturised. 

Apply your eye gel twice daily to clean, dry skin and use your ring fingers to ensure you keep any potential damage caused by excess pressure to an absolute minimum. Lightly tap it around your orbital bone to boost circulation, drainage and brightness and continue doing this until all your eye gel has been absorbed.

And remember, piling tons of product around your eyes will overload your skin with all those concentrated ingredients, so stick with a pea-sized amount of eye gel which should be plenty for both eyes. And stick to it - not just for Christmas.

2. Eat, Drink, Repeat - The Hydrating Kind

Did you know, your eyes are made up of around 65 percent water? This means that maintaining good levels of hydration are super important to the health of your eyes. Of course, drinking plenty of water is key, but you must also think about what else your diet is doing.

Too much caffeine, for example, increases fluid loss because it’s a diuretic, meaning it causes you to urinate more. If you’re a six-cups-of-cappuccino-a-day kind of gal, therefore, you might want to think about cutting that down a tad to make way for the mulled wine, Baileys and other festive [dehydrating] evening tipples into the equation ...

The key? Make sure you are still drinking plenty of water - and even more than you usually would.

Refined sugars, processed food, salt, fat and carbs are also menaces to the health and appearance of your eyes. Why? Well, they increase dehydration and cause a build-up of toxins in your liver which impacts the appearance of your peepers.

But let’s not dampen the festive mince pies, pigs in blankets and cheese boards. Just be ready with the knowledge that you can counteract the build up of toxins with foods that are high in water and antioxidants.

Fresh fruit and veg are the obvious contenders, but other foods proven to be awesome for your eyes are almonds, fennel, sunflower seeds and eggs. So perhaps add those to your shopping list ready for the post Xmas blues.

3. Quick Fix To Reduce Redness

Red eyes can of course be caused by many things, including genes, allergies, irritation and infection. But at this time of year, rushing around, late nights, over indulgence, and a bottle of fizz will all take their toll too!

Your best bet for a quick fix for brighter eyes is to apply a cold compress. Cool temperatures help reduce inflammation, swelling and redness by constricting the blood capillaries around your eyes. It’s as simple as that.

Anything from cucumber or potato slices to cold, used teabags or teaspoons will work perfectly. Place them over your eyes, lie back for five to ten minutes and you’ll be amazed how much fresher they feel afterwards. Finish with Imperial Eye Gel (kept in the fridge for extra cooling powers) and you’ll have brighter, healthier-looking eyes ready for the day ahead.

PS: Of course, getting plenty of sleep and reducing stress will also go a long way to keeping your eyes sparkly and bright. So do rest up, take care of yourself and enjoy the festivities safely - with your gorgeous eyes looking the best they can right now!

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