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Get the Glow on for Valentine's Day

Whether it’s Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day, if it’s a special occasion you want your skin to look your best.
Nobody likes to wake up on the day of a special date or dinner with a huge spot staring right back at them in the mirror!
Here’s how to prep for that day so that when you wake up your skin is fresh, smooth, soft and radiant. Start prepping a week or so in advance, and don’t wait until the night before the big day!
  1. Cleanse Regularly - This is the time you don’t skip out on the cleanser. Make sure to cleanse daily. Even if you do have a couple of blemishes, you prevent any new ones from making themselves welcome on your face.

  2. Scrub a Few Days Prior - For bright and super fresh looking skin, make sure to exfoliate a couple of days prior. Why not give our latest launch a shot. The Natural Luminosity Scrub differs from any other scrub by its powerful, natural formula. It’s also free of parabens and sulfates!

  3. Exfoliate the Lips - What kind of a Valentine’s Day would it be if kisses weren’t involved? Make sure they’re not chapped and dry, and exfoliate them as well!

  4. Hydrate Regularly - Just like cleansing, it’s crucial to stay hydrated so your skin is plump and smooth. You can’t achieve that without regular hydration. Serum, eye gel, moisturiser.

  5. Finish Off With Gloss - Don’t forget to apply lip gloss on the very day for an irresistible glow.
But above all remember you are amazing and we love you! 
Tracey xxx

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