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Boost Your Own Confidence - Today!


I think and talk a lot about feeling good in your own skin, staying positive and feeling confident.

Confidence is the kind of optimism you need to arm yourself with.

Ups and downs are real. Life isn’t a flat line, so you’re going to feel confident at some point, and then totally insecure at some other point.

But self-confidence is necessary. I’d love to share some tips on how to give YOURSELF a confidence boost.

  • Don’t worry about what other people think. Don’t live life by someone else’s rules. What other’s think about you, doesn’t define you.
  • Stop comparing. Comparison is a killer of self-confidence. Let’s just remember that we are all unique. We have different upbringings, habits, eye colour, height... No single person is the same. You can’t compare to others because nobody is living your life. You’ll thrive in your own time.
  • Smile more. Make it a thing to smile more. It might sound weird, but try it. Don’t be shy to smile.
  • Don’t be a yes person. Don’t want to go out? Say no. Don’t want to talk about something? Say no. Somebody is trying to put you down? SAY NO! Don’t be afraid to say no. Think of yourself and put yourself first.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. When your circle of people is supportive and inspiring, your entire life will change. Make sure that the circle around you radiates love.
  • Start planning. You’ll feel so much better when you start planning out your life. Write down a week in advance, even the smallest things. Don’t let life get overwhelming because you can control it. That’s a major confidence killer. Keep all the strings in your hands and don’t forget you’re the one who is pulling them. When you’re in charge, you’ll feel like a boss.
  • Don’t assume the worst. If you find yourself in an unknown situation, you tend to think of the worst most of the time. That’s when you tend to create a negative situation when there’s no reason for it. You feel insecure. Nip this in the bud by adopting a more positive attitude towards new people and experiences.
  • Own your feelings. Feeling fear is also a part of life. Be aware of it and embrace it. Power through it! Know what you’re feeling and stay strong. Tell yourself that it’s going to be okay. When you talk to yourself, be very kind. Be the kindest of all. Cheer on yourself.

Please remember - what other people think of you, doesn’t matter. You matter, and how you feel about you. Only you can influence the way you feel about yourself, about your day and your life. So take that control, grab it tight and don’t let go!

Amazing things happen when you start believing in yourself. Teach yourself confidence and conquer the world.

Tracey x



Penelope Dudley on January 24 2020 at 06:49AM

See above

Penelope Dudley on January 22 2020 at 08:51PM

Very encouraging words Tracey. I take great pleasure in using your products as they make me feel youthful. They also helped me fight breast and lung cancer for the past two years and can honestly say with confidence that I am 72 and proud of it.

Debbie on January 22 2020 at 12:18PM

Love this ..having had cancer twice myself makes you realize how fragile life is..I really lack in self confidence but this will be the year that I change that and become proud of who I am

Michelle webbe on January 22 2020 at 12:18PM

Thankyou for such an inspiring blog, I really needed to read this right now, been feeling very low with body confidence and not liking the fact that I’m aging, I’m 47. I found comfort in your words xx

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