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7 Common Cleansing Mistakes You Need To Stop

We all know cleansing is the absolute foundation for brining out your best skin. But do you know there are also right and wrong ways to cleanse your skin?

And cleansing incorrectly can have disastrous effects on your skin’s health?

Here are seven common cleansing mistakes you’re probably making – plus how to nip them in the bud fast...

Mistake #1: You Don't Start With Clean Hands

From door handles, to light switches and yes, taps! Your hands touch thousands of bacteria-breeding surfaces every single day. And of course you do you want all that grime transferring to the precious skin on your face. 

Thorough and frequent hand washing has become the norm, but still, do you always start your morning and night cleanser with squeaky clean hands? Clearly not everyone as it's the number one common skincare mistake!

Did you know? Cleansing whisks away pore-clogging nasties, helps the rest of your routine to penetrate more effectively and sets up your skin to take on everything the world has to throw at you.

Mistake #2: You Don’t Remove Your Make-Up Before Cleansing

Cleansing is great, but it’s a tall order to expect your face wash to cut through a full face of make-up, especially heavy, oil-based make-up.

To help your cleanser do what it’s supposed to and clean your skin of dirt, oils, sweat and debris, ensure you start with a clear base by smoothing Natural Make-up Remover over your face and lips with a cotton (preferably reusable) pad. 

Pro Tip: If you wear mascara, allow your eye make-up remover to sit on your eyes for a good minute, before wiping it gently away. This helps to break it down, reducing the need to rub away at the delicate skin around your eyes.

Mistake #3: Your Water Is Too Hot

Hot water is seriously bad news for your skin. It strips your barrier function of natural oils and essential lipids which can lead to dryness, dehydration, irritation, flare-ups and all sorts. It will also exacerbate facial redness.

Instead of cranking up the hot tap and causing potential a whole host of problems, ensure your water is room temperature or lukewarm at most. This is the sweet spot for all skin types – and, contrary to popular belief, perfectly great at cleansing!

Mistake #4: Cleansing Face In The Shower 

OK, so there’s nothing wrong with washing your face in the shower. However, the order in which you cleanse your skin while showering is important. Why?...

Well, if you do it first, then shampoo and condition your hair afterwards, residue from your conditioner will end up sitting on your skin, which it's not designed for

The answer? Simple - Always cleanse your skin after conditioning your hair.

Mistake #5: Wrong Technique

Cleansing really shouldn't be slap-dash. Sure, your morning cleanse will be quicker than your evening routine if you have make-up to remove. Here's a quick foolproof technique:

  1. Wash your hands and remove make-up
  2. Wet your skin with lukewarm water then apply a couple of pumps of Crystal Cleanser all over your face and neck.
  3. Use the pads of your fingers and the flats of your hands to massage it all over in gentle circular motions.
  4. Remove your cleanser with a damp cloth or rinse with clean water.
  5. Rinse again to be sure you’ve whisked every last trace of cleanser away.
  6. Gently pat your skin with a soft, clean towel, leaving it damp for the next part of your regime.

Pro Tip: When it comes to how best to cleanse, start on your forehead and work out towards your hairline. Then repeat from the nose to your temples and from your chin along the jawline. Finally, use sweeping upwards motions with your hands to cleanse your neck and décolletage

Mistake #6: You Skip Your Nighttime Cleanse

One of THE biggest beauty no-nos ever. Your skin has been subjected to hours of sun exposure and environmental pollution during the day, accumulating dirt, oils, sweat and bacteria.

Go to bed with all this left on your skin and you’re asking for trouble in the form of breakouts, flare-ups, dryness, clogged pores, you name it. 

Cleansing before turning in for the night also helps the rest of your nighttime routine perform to the best of its ability, giving your anti-ageing Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum and moisturising Night Elixir the best chance to fight free radicals, reduce damage and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.

Pro Tip: Adding in regular exfoliation after your Crystal Cleanser will help to take your complexion to a whole new level. Natural Luminosity Scrub helps to remove every last bit of grime and gently lifting away dead skins cells for the perfect base for the rest of your regime.

Mistake #7: Towel-Drying Gone Wrong

Three things to think about when towel-drying your skin after cleansing:

1. Your face towel should not be the same one as your household hand towel. Invest in one that’s yours and yours alone. Make sure it’s made of cotton, and wash it frequently so it doesn’t collect germs and bacteria. 

2. Gently does it. Scrubbing your skin with a towel causes unnecessary pressure and friction on your face which can ultimately damage your skin. Gently pat dry your face and neck, instead.

3. Stop while your skin is still damp. Then immediately continue with your toner, serum and moisturiser to help lock in moisture that will always be lost in the cleansing process.

You’d think that cleansing your skin would become second nature as you got older. But it’s often the opposite. Bad habits start to creep in because you either a) get lazy, b) place more importance on things like serum and moisturiser, or c) you never knew how to do it properly in the first place.

Start as you mean to go with your skincare regime and get your cleansing right!

Tracey x

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