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How to Bounce Back From Failure, Stress and Heartache!

Winston Churchill said "success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."

Wise words Winston ... BUT easier said than done!

Some failures hit you right where it hurts, they can literally wipe you out and leave you flat out on the floor.

Even small setbacks can leave you in a spin for hours or days. And while you're 'spinning' you're stuck! 

I wish I could waive a magic wand and help you succeed at everything you put our mind to. But I'm afraid while I'm all for helping others I suspect I'd spend most of the time waiving it at myself!

So when failure comes (which it will) then look it right in the eye, giggle, chortle, smile to yourself and let it FIRE YOU UP! 

Here are are a few things that might help. They've helped me along my journey and hopefully they'll help you too:

  1. Everything I've Ever Failed At Has Ultimately Worked Out for the Best! 

    When one door closes another one opens.

    Just for a moment look back at all the things you consider to be your worst 'failures' and see where they've led you to now. I have a sneaky suspicion that as they unfolded their outcomes were nothing like as bad as you expected!

    So when failure comes, embrace it, flip it and look for the OPPORTUNITY! There will be one there somewhere.

    And indeed the story of how I started HighBorn is just this. Sat in a cold hospital ward being pumped full of toxic chemotherapy drugs I decided I had to do something to help. Something that I'd always wanted to do and something that could help other too ... I turned that period of my life from something that could have left me bitter and twisted into the FIRE in my belly that rages stronger every day!  
  1. Mourn The Loss

    A death is the biggest hardship you may experience. When you experience failure it is a loss, a loss of time, opportunity or a future. When you don’t grieve what you lost, you can never overcome it. If you’ve invest a lot of energy into what failed, take time out to nurture yourself.

    Whether it’s a spa day or a movie night with friends...surround yourself with comfort.

    The key is to take out all of your frustration, anger and sadness in a positive way. Talk it out and find new ways to approach the failure. It will be worth it!
  1. Love Your Successes

    Here what you do…reflect on all of the amazing things you’ve accomplished in your life. Every small moment of happiness, each time you’ve set your mind to a goal and achieved.  Just keep going and stay positive!
  1. It’s a Learning Experience

    Ask yourself…what can I do differently from now on?

    What am I lacking?

    You may feel this failure defeated you and will set you back in the long run…. but it won't ... and you shouldn't feel that way. Think smarter and be more optimistic and next time around things will be different.

It’s time to readjust how you feel about failing.

You could be fearful or hesitant to try again, but in the end it will be worth all the struggle.

Try with all your heart and soul to succeed the second time around…or the third or hundredth.

Learn to appreciate where you are right now, I know it sounds simplistic but your mind can only focus of one thing at a time so focus on the good, let go of the bad and your day, week, year, life with blossom.

Talk soon,

Tracey x

PS: Whatever happens remember ... you ARE amazing!


Sue on May 10 2018 at 09:29AM

Great and very wise words. When you’re going through tough times it’s hard to see a way forward but if you keep on keeping on and focusing on where you want to be, you’ll get there. Life is not a destination but a journey.x

Margaret Speakman on May 10 2018 at 09:29AM

Will Smith says fail often, fail big, fail forward! Faiure is where the learning is! wise words i think. Xx

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