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4 Tips to Help Calm Rosacea

If you've ever had red cheeks, forehead, chin and noticed dilated blood vessels and little spots then you've probably faced ROSACEA! And you're not alone!

Quite what causes it isn't fully understood. And, while I can't promise to help you completely beat it, here are some tips to help:

  1. Cleanse your face very gently twice a day. You may understandably avoid cleansing as your skin is irritated. So choose a mild non-soap cleanser, gently cleanse, rinse and gently pat dry.

  2. Moisturise every day. Whether rosacea makes your skin dry or oily, it’s important to moisturise. Moisturising helps hydrate your skin by trapping water in your skin. This can reduce irritation and make your skin feel more comfortable.

  3. Keep a diary of triggers! There are a variety of triggers that may make rosacea worse. These include alcohol, exercise, high and low temperatures, hot drinks, spicy foods and stress. 

  4. Choose rosacea friendly skin are and cosmetics and be kind to your skin. So avoid rubbing or scrubbing your face, avoid washcloths, facial sponges, or exfoliating.

And of course, consider our lovely products which while not specifically created for Rosacea, we do have tons of customers who find they really help. In particular, ORGANIC HYDRATION GELPre-Eminent Beauty Serum and Imperial Moisturiser are found by many to really help. 

Including Melina Gargalakos who was so kind to write in all the way from Australia and say "My rosacea has improved and my sensitive skin looks so much better!" 

Hope these tips help and remember that no matter what you are amazing!

How you look is only a tiny part of who you really are and what you have to offer the world. So be kind to yourself, love yourself and have an amazing day!

Tracey x 


Angela on May 14 2020 at 09:56AM

I would love to try this product

Angela on May 02 2020 at 09:11AM

Would love to try this product

Angela on May 02 2020 at 07:24PM

How often is this product used

Angela on May 14 2020 at 09:59AM

How often is this product used

DIANE GAULT on October 16 2019 at 12:56PM

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015. I had a double mastectomy and chemo which I pretty much sailed through, reconstruction was not very well done and I am still waiting to have them put right! I’ve been using your products and have found them great. Do you make hand and nail care products? My mail never seem to have fully come right, or maybe it’s just being post menopause

Jeanette Cann on April 13 2019 at 09:41AM

I have rosacea & have seen an improvement with your products,the eye gel I do not seem to be getting on with as it seems rather a lot comes out with the one pump maybe I am not applying it correctly.

Elaine Huck on March 13 2019 at 01:09PM

Thank you for your advice.

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