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3 Golden Rules Of Toning Your Skin

That is the question. And we get asked it a lot. So, do you really need to include a facial toner in your skincare regime? We believe so and here’s why…

Gone are the days when toner was all about reducing excess oil, removing cleanser and ‘shrinking’ your pores (don’t even get us started on that myth…). Sure, you may have thrived on dousing your skin with these alcohol-laced lotions in your teens – not that they did much good, of course...

But these days, they’re so much better than that. This means if you’ve been dismissing toner for the past few years, it might be time to rethink its place in your skincare regime.

The truth is, modern day toners are way more sophisticated than their oil-stripping, distant cousins of yesteryear. In fact, clever technology and skin-loving ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins and nourishing botanicals make adding a toner to your routine the perfect way to take your regime – and your complexion – to a whole new level. 

Our Diamond Toner, for example, contains a whole host of ingredients to moisturise, soothe and protect your skin. It’s packed with glycerin which draws water to the surface of your skin, vitamin C to fight free radical damage and nutrient-rich coconut oil to lock all that moisture and goodness in.

And here’s an extra bit of cleverness...Diamond Toner also gently removes harsh minerals found in tap water, while helping your skin maintain an ideal pH balance – especially if it’s been thrown off by hard water. 

Convinced you need to include toner in your daily regime? Then here are three toning rules to remember….

The 3 Golden Rules Of Toning Your Skin

1. Never Skip A Proper Cleanse

Old school toners were another excuse for a skin-stripping double cleanse. You’ve probably been there, in a rush and reaching for the toner to rub away and ‘clean’ your canvas. A big no no nowadays, especially with an intelligent toner like Diamond Toner. You see, a high quality toner will do so much more for your skin thanks to now being designed with active ingredients to boost your moisture, soothe irritations and protect your skin. 

So you really need a blank base to better absorb the skincare beauties found in your toner. Think of it this way, the ingredients in Diamond Toner want to sink into your skin, not sit on your skin. So you’re not going to want them to grab hold of grime and get stuck in the process. Worse still, drag the dirt deeper into your precious skin.

2. Avoid Harsh Alcohols

Don’t worry, this isn’t about giving up your Friday night glass of Pinot, but avoiding sensitising alcohols in your toner. Alcohol is a common ingredient in toner because it provides anti-bacterial and antiseptic benefits and yes, it can make your skin feel immediately cool and clean.

However, it sends your sebaceous glands into turmoil, stripping your skin of oil and making dry skin even drier, while oily skin gets oilier. Avoid toners that include ingredients which include the word ‘alcohol,’ as well as ethanol and methanol which are secretly alcohol – but with fancier names.

(As a sidenote, we use cetearyl alcohol in our Imperial Moisturiser, but this type of alcohol is perfectly safe for your skin. In fact, it’s one of the very few ‘good’ alcohols that help soften and heal your skin.)

3. Always Follow Toner With Moisturiser

Most effective toners contain humectant ingredients like glycerin, aloe and hyaluronic acid which draw water to the surface of your skin to help keep it soft and supple. However, unless you lock it all in with occlusive or emollient ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil or shea butter, all that moisture will simply evaporate. 

The good news is Diamond Toner contains coconut oil to help seal water into your skin, but, still, you should always follow with Imperial Moisturiser in the morning and Night Elixir before bed. Apply it immediately after toning, while your skin is still damp and therefore more receptive to all those fabulous, active ingredients. And if you really want to up your age-defying skincare game? Apply Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum first, then moisturiser.

So finally, is toner an absolute necessity? Well, it depends what you want to get out of your regime and whether you need an extra helping hand. Will it amp up your anti-ageing efforts and help protect, treat, nourish and balance your skin? Undeniably.

And for best value to get your started, try our Cleanse And Tone Pack which includes both Crystal Cleanser and Diamond Toner to perfectly prepare and revive your skin, morning and night.

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