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5 Top Radiant Skin Tips for Women Over 35

When Mum of two Tracey was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 34 she faced months of skin toxic chemotherapy and she needed all the help she could get. Here are her top 5 tips to help you feel young, happy and full of energy no matter what!

1. Drink Lots of Water. If you're dehydrated your skin can look dull and wrinkled more pronounced. You can literally look older!

2. Include Good Oils in Your Diet. The first step to healthy skin is simply being healthy. And that includes what you eat. Certain oils like coconut and olive are great for you skin.

3. Don't Dry Your Face Out With Hot Water. Hot water can irritate sensitive skin so use luke warm instead and avoid hot showers and baths.

4. Wear Sunscreen. There's lots of evidence to show too much sun ages the skin. So, be sure to 'cover up' with a good quality organic sunscreen if you're venturing out to enjoy the sun.

5. Your Skin Cannot Retain Moisture so Moisturise Correctly! Aging skin can lose its ability to hold on to moisture, make oil, and heal slower. That all contributes to the wrinkles. You can help stop wrinkles by hydrating your skin as you age. One of the best ways to hydrate your skin is with high quality serum such as HighBorn London's Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum.

HighBorn founder and Breast Cancer Survivor Tracey Broadway says "Every woman can and should feel young, happy and energetic no matter what challenges they're facing in their lives". Her new line is a first of it's kind.

HighBorn Founder Tracey, Christmas 2014 just 4 months prior to her breast cancer diagnosis.

"When the stern faced consultant told me at just 34 I had breast cancer and would face months of chemotherapy, with no certainty I'd be OK I broke down and 'hit the floor'. How could this happen to me?!

I went from super-happy Mum of two young children who prided herself on looking her best to losing all my long blonde hair, my eyebrows, my tan. I looked pale and ill and nearly lost my life." Said Tracey.

There are few things if anything harder on your skin than the chemotherapy Tracey faced to treat her breast cancer. The very purpose of chemotherapy is to 'destroy' and it doesn't take any prisoners!

Is there A Woman Over 30 Who Hasn't Looked in the Mirror and Felt Her Heart Sink at these 7 Skin Nightmares?

"Up until my diagnosis I'd been really lucky with my skin but my treatment gave me a real battering!" Said Tracey as she pinpointed the 7 top age revealing problems women are constantly nagged by:

  1. Lines on your forehead.
  2. Lines at the corner of your eyes.
  3. Lines under your eyes, puffiness and dark circles.
  4. Lines around your nose.
  5. Lines around your mouth.
  6. Over oily, blemish prone skin.
  7. Dry, patchy skin.

Tracey tried pretty much everything in an attempt to regain her skin tone and self esteem. Dozens of different products and routines and yet none really made much difference. She was fed up, frustrated and struggling. She needed to find a solution.

And that's when it hit her ... If she was going to find something that would help not just her but other people feel a bit younger, healthier, happier and more energetic then well ... she would have to do it herself!

World's Top Skincare Brands, Running a chain of Beauty Salons and Owning Her Own Salon. Tracey Knew First-Hand Other Women Were Frustrated Too ...

By developing her own skincare line that helped her look and feel better during the toughest time of her life Tracey was convinced it would be revolutionary for other women too!

"The whole idea that less is more, that women shouldn't be slaves to dozens of products that don't really work. And that everyone no matter what they're facing in their life deserves to feel pampered, to feel young, energetic and full of life" said Tracey who's developed her own beauty range to deliberately contain just a handful of products.

Two of them from her new line of exquisite, natural

skincare products.

The most exquisite natural products ... reassuring prices and personal service that leaves you saying 'WOW!'

So, if you would you like to to look and feel a little younger, healthier, happier.

... If you like the feeling when friends and family compliment you on how well you look.

Then you sound like the type of person who's ready to try these remarkable products and be spoiled by HighBorn London. These products are for people who want to look and feel their best. You deserve to try them. Click here.