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7 Ageing Makeup Mistakes

1. You'll look younger by ditching the powder based cosmetics. Powder adds more texture to your skin and you already have texture.

2.  Match your mascara to your eyelash colour and use a basic one rather than one that claims longer and thicker. 

3. If you want to wear a foundation, choose a colour by applying the shade on three different areas of your face: Forehead, chin and cheek. If you don’t see it, it’s the right colour.

4. Foundations can emphasise fine lines due to their thickness and cracking. Consider a tinted moisturiser instead to even out your skin tone and nourish your skin at the same time. Tinted moisturisers are lighter on the skin than foundation.

5. For the perfect lipstick colour choose a shade that matches your inner lip and gums.

6. Look radiant but still natural. Use a highlighting pearlescent cream on your upper cheekbone, eyelids and brow bones.

7. Blend, blend, blend! You should blend all the makeup you apply and make sure you have prepared your skin with a high quality, natural skin care routine before applying your makeup. HighBorn London's Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum is a great way to plump and firm your skin by ensuring it's lusciously hydrated.

HighBorn founder and Breast Cancer Survivor Tracey Broadway says "Every woman can and should feel young, happy and healthy no matter what their age or what challenges they face in their life. And, that starts with the right skincare for your age ... before you even think about applying makeup!" Her new natural, organic skincare line is a first of it's kind.

"When the stern faced consultant told me at just 34 I had breast cancer and would face months of chemotherapy, with no certainty I'd be OK I broke down and 'hit the floor'. How could this happen to me?!

I went from super-happy Mum of two young children who prided herself on looking her best to losing all my long blonde hair, my eyebrows, my tan. I looked pale and ill and nearly lost my life." Said Tracey.

There are few things if anything harder on your skin than the chemotherapy Tracey faced.

HighBorn Founder Tracey Broadway says "We All Age But Why Not Look and Feel Your Best On the Way?" Her New Line Is a Super Multitasker.

Is there A Woman Over 30 Who Hasn't Looked in the Mirror and Felt Her Heart Sink at these 7 Skin Nightmares

"Up until my breast cancer diagnosis I'd been really lucky with my skin but my treatment reaked havoc! It really wanted to age me!" Said Tracey as she pinpointed the 7 top age revealing problems women are constantly nagged by:

  1. Lines on your forehead.
  2. Lines at the corner of your eyes.
  3. Lines under your eyes, puffiness and dark circles.
  4. Lines around your nose.
  5. Lines around your mouth.
  6. Over oily, blemish prone skin.
  7. Dry, patchy skin.

Tracey tried pretty much everything in an attempt to regain her skin tone and self esteem. Dozens of different products and routines and yet none really made much difference. She was fed up, frustrated and struggling. She needed to find a solution.

And that's when it hit her ... If she was going to find something that would help not just her but other people feel a bit younger, healthier, happier and more energetic then well ... she would have to do it herself!

By developing her own skincare line that helped her look and feel better during the toughest time of her life Tracey was convinced it would be revolutionary for other women too!

"The whole idea that everyone deserves to feel pampered, to feel young, energetic and full of life, no matter what their facing. Whether that be illness, stress, fatigue, finding a partner or just getting up to face the day!" said Tracey.

"There is pressure everywhere to beageless," said Tracey. "I also understand that age is kind of awesome ... I'm all for ageing gracefully but equally I see nothing wrong with doing my best to take care of my skin, my health, myself ... I just feel better about myself and that means I can do more good in the world!"

The HighBorn Products are the Most Exquisite, Natural Skincare, Free of Parabens, Sulpahtes, Lovingly Made in England and Never Tested on Animals.

Pre-Emiment Beauty Serum to naturally rejuvenate your youthful face. Imperial Eye Gel to help ease puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. Imperial Moisturiser to help lift and firm your face and neck and rebuild youthful appearance and Imperial Lip Butter to soften, smooth and beatifully condition your lips. All lovingly made and in England in small batches to help you look and feel young, happy and full of energy no matter what you're facing.  

Only 18 months after being so thankfully cleared of breast cancer and judging by the photos and videos, Tracey is looking as good as ever. She's one of those lucky beauties with good features, luminous skin and now it's regrown, long blonde hair. Yet, she spends only a few minutes a day on her face befor she's out the door. As women age she says, looking fresh, rather than made up is the key.

Tracey lives with Henry and their two children Henry (junior, he's 7) and Matilda (she's 6) by the sea away from the hustle of her much loved London. "Discovering I had breast cancer was both the worst and yet most inspiring time of my life. I'm so grateful to still be here that I will do everything I can to help as many women as I can look and feel fantastic and at the same time help end to breast cancer for good," says Tracey.

"I'd worked with some of the World's Top Skincare Brands run a chain of beauty salons, owned my own salon but never had the courage to really follow my passion and start my own skincare company. So I started with what I needed," she says. "Natural, nasty free skincare that really helped me look and feel better about myself and had people saying I looked great!" 

So just over a year ago literally right after finishing her treatment she took her last few hundred pounds and she went into the skincare business herself. The response has been overwheliming with thousands of people all over the world ditching expensive high street products to switch to HighBorn and more positive feedback that Tracey had ever dare dream of.

"When you choose HighBorn you don't just get the highest quality, most effective natural skincare you also do good because every single bottle of HighBorn skincare sold means another donation to the amazing charity Against Breast Cancer to help their research into ending breast cancer for good" says Tracey.

What people are saying about us ...

"My skin is glowing like when I was 20 and I'm 44 so that's saying something!" S Brown

"I would without doubt recommend it to every women out there." Helen Bates, Nuneaton.

"I usually use a moisturiser that costs £105 but your serum is just as good at a fraction of the price. I'm amazed at this serum." Boyd Cox

The most exquisite natural, organic products ... reassuring prices and personal service that leaves you saying 'WOW!'

So, if you would you like to look and feel a little younger, healthier, happier.

... If you like the feeling when friends and family compliment you on how well you look.

Then you sound like the type of person who's ready to try these remarkable products and be spoiled by HighBorn London. These products are for people who want to look and feel their best. You deserve to try them. Click here.

Try the HighBorn London Luxury, Natural Skincare Line ...
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HighBorn products are tailor made for health conscious women

No animal testing, no parabens or sulphates. HighBorn products are extremely gentle and we have tons of very happy sensitive skin cusomers. But anyone can have allergies. If you have discomfort or a rash develops, discontinue use and consult your doctor.


Phase 1: You Will Be Amazed by The Transformation. Naturally rejuvenate your face and appearance with this exquisite non-oily natural, organic, animal friendly serum. Helping you look and feel young, happy, healthy.

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Phase 2: Give Your Eyes Intense Rejuvenation. A unique, natural, organic, animal friendly formula to help ease puffiness and dark circles so you look and feel bright, well and full of life.

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Phase 3: Lift and Firm Your Face and Neck to Rebuild Youthful Appearance. Start and end your day with the most exquisite, age defying, natural, organic, animal friendly moisturising cream.

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Phase 4: Soften, smooth and beautifully condition your lips. After your eyes, your lips are the first thing people look at when they talk to you. But as you age your lips thin and lines can appear. Use this exquisite 100% natural, animal friendly lip treatment as part of your daily skin routine.  

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The complete, LUXURY SKINCARE BOX is the greatest gift you can give your skin. Everything you need to help ease fine lines and wrinkles, lift and firm your face and neck, combat dark circles and puffiness around your eyes, help protect...

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