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Harmful Cosmetic Ingredients You'll Want to Avoid


Wearing too much makeup on a daily basis WILL clog your pores and can speed up ageing. Even worse, there are ingredients you'll want to avoid.

It's not your fault they're in so many products and you deserve to know about them.

Here are three on my 'no, no' list  of ingredients to avoid:

  1. Mineral Oils

    Essentially a “filler” in most base products…like foundations, creams and primers. Mineral Oil has been linked to clogging pores. If you have issues with acne, whiteheads, blackheads and breakouts…you might want check your skincare!

    This ingredient prevents the skin to naturally perspire which clogs pores leading to acne related issues. Instead, go for organic ingredients Vitamins A, C, and E as an alternative to products with mineral oil.

    Coconut oil is one of the best ways to replenish the skin and helps to heal and rejuvenate damaged skin cells (our Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum is packed with these goodies)

  2. Parabens

    Parabens Just like smoking, it's well understood now that parabens are not good for you.

    Parabens have been known to increase sensitivity from the sun especially with longer UV exposure. This can lead to an increase in signs of ageing such as sun spots and wrinkles.

    All HighBorn products are paraben and sulphate free to leave your skin beautifully nourished and illuminated.

  3. Nail Polishes Nasties

    Toxic chemicals can not only harm your nails but smelling the chemicals and touching your skin with them is not ideal.

    Look for nail polishes that are free from the toxic 5 chemicals formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene along with the allergens camphor and formaldehyde resin.These harmful carcinogens can do everything from disrupt your endocrine system to some reports of potentially causing cancer over a prolonged duration.

    Brands that offer 5 free nail polishes can be used without any harmful side effects while preventing your nails from turning yellow and discolouration.

At HighBorn in our endeavours to help you look and feel fantastic (safely) we are actively looking at launching 5-Free Nail Polish and will keep you informed!

So keep your eyes peeled and avoid products with these ingredients! There are more to avoid and I'll be back with those in another post.

Have a fantastic day!

Tracey x

PS: No matter what; remember that you really are amazing and capable of anything and everything you put your mind to. 


Catherine Ellison on October 25 2018 at 11:22AM

Only tried the eye cream so far but really love the way it’s made the skin round my eyes look and feel. Less puffy and a more wide awake look. Keep up the good work and good luck for the future

Rachel Dodds on September 07 2018 at 12:27PM

Just received my box of goodies today, can’t wait to get started. My skin is quite dull and lackluster at the moment so can’t wait to see the results – will check in again to let you know how I get on :)

Margo Barr on August 06 2018 at 07:22AM

I have been using Highborn products for a year now. My skin is so nourished and youthful. I am always receiving comments about how young I look. One happy lady!!

Sally Logan on June 07 2018 at 11:25AM

I have been using the HighBorn products for 6 days and am absolutely delighted about how my 70 year old skin looks and feels. I tend not to use nail polish because of the nasties and look forward to introducing it back into my life. Thank you Tracey and family.

Helen Bates on June 07 2018 at 11:25AM

Just received my full collection of Highborn, so excited to start using again, especially the cleanser and toner, only like using full range.. really really excited, love highborn, xx

Angela Maddison on May 16 2018 at 09:57PM

Highborn london products are fantastic I use all of them every day and fab service.

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