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4 Instant Makeup Tricks to Look Amazing in Photos without Filters!

I was petrified!

The Guardian were sending a photographer to take shots of me for a feature! I'm still a bit self conscious about my appearance after have breast cancer and needed a boost!

So I started flicking through Vogue magazine  and 'CAPOW!', 'SHAZAM', 'BOOM!' I was greeted by beautiful, gorgeous, perfectly proportioned young ladies looking simply fantastic!

Was I jealous? ... um ... I'd like to think I wasn't ...

And then I pondered ... I took solitude in the fact that no matter how amazing they looked, in real life they still get spots! They still get puffy eyes! They still get older!

But in the meantime a little clever photo adaption has made them PERFECT!

And of course in the age of Instagram, the age of iPhones et al. we too have access to endless filters to ensure we only show 'our best side' on social media.

While I can’t really say I’ve ever been hooked on Instagram filters (in fact I don't really use instagram yet), it’s the latest craze to hide away any and all flaws.

But you all know I’m not about that!

Embrace your flaws and wear them proudly!

We aren’t poreless princesses and suffice to say our skin will never stay the same.

No matter how perfect your skincare routine is now, taking a selfie doesn't always deliver the best version of you ... or at least the version you want to show off!

So, even if LIKE ME you love going minimal and carefree with your makeup look here are a few sneaky tips to get yourself ready for your own photoshoot.

Whether a day on set for Vogue or a quick selfie outside a rather fantastic country house from the 1700's (we visited Kingston Maurward with the children this weekend and I imagined myself dressed as a princess galloping around the acres of manicured parkland being chased by a prince!).

You can try these steps on a day to day basis to help smooth away those fine lines, pores and add a little glow to your complexion.

Get ready ladies! I’ve got some solid tips to share for your selfies.

  1. Supple and Smooth

    Ok you know the drill, moisturise and PRIME!

    We need to prime our skin to smooth away those large pores.

    Everyone has pores and texture, a primer that works with your skin type and not against it will mimic the blurring effect of a filter.

    For my oily girls (and guys!), grab a silicone based primer. This will instantly mattify any shine around your t-zone.

  2. Go and Find your Glow

    We love a good diffused light filter that makes our complexion pop!

    If you ever finished with your makeup and your skin just looks like a cakey mess, add a glowy finishing powder to bring back some life!

    A finely milled luminous powder sinks into the skin and doesn’t emphasis texture. Go for something with colour-correcting particles to refine the skin's appearance.

  3. Contoured to Perfection

    There’s nothing more perfect than a natural looking contour.

    I’ve never been the one to spend hours on makeup but on days when my skin looks flat I try to sneak in a light contour on my cheeks and jawline.

    Contouring isn’t everyone’s cup of tea I know! But a little shadowing will create captivating dimensions to your selfies.

  4. Soft Luminous Warmth

    There’s one thing that helps us look young and fresh ... a glowing tan.

    If you always add more saturation or warmth to your photos, brush on a golden spotlight to your complexion.

    Using a natural bronzer will mimic the appearance of a natural tan. Avoid looking too orange!

    HILARIOUS SIDE NOTE: Henry has discovered a self tan spray for your face ... he's been sneaking off to the second bathroom after a shower and secretly squirting his face with such this year and refuses to stop. One round and yes he does look less 'pastie' ... two rounds in a day and the Oompa Loompa jokes do begin to roll! He's a but too tall but I am tempted to get him a pair of white dungarees ready for next time!

    And as we do not fancy looking like an Oompa Loompa. So dust just a little natural bronzer on your cheekbones, sides of your forehead and nose and there you have it! 

If you’re an Instagram filter addict or not, try these tips out and let me know what looked best!

What we share here is merely a highlight reel, our beauty can’t be tapped away with a flick of a filter.

Never forget to love yourself no matter how a photo looks. x

Tracey x

PS: The photoshoot for the Guardian was hilarious. They didn't send a makeup artist and I didn't demand a hotel room full of rose petals but it was a lot of fun!

PPS: You're still amazing xxx


tracy bailey on April 11 2018 at 10:00AM

i love these not a great lover of make uo on myself but with the tips im going to give it a go..fjngers crossed 👍👍

Dawn on July 01 2020 at 12:00PM

Hi there
I noticed you mentioned a primer for oily skin! But what about dry or dehydrated skin ?
Thank you
Kind regards

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