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As soon as I touched it I knew...what got Rhona hooked?


Living an active life outdoors has been tough on her skin. BUT, since finding HIGHBORN back in March, our new Ambassador Rhona is delighted with her new healthy glow!

Rhona loves everything she's tried so far...and now mornings and evenings are her special "me time"...

Watch her video ABOVE and discover the secret to Rhona's radiance. She's sure you'll love her HIGHBORN collection too...

And YES Rhona! I CAN see your youthful, healthy glow!

Here's Rhona .... xxxx

I’m 69...I think my skin looks pretty good for my age!

I’ve neglected my skin for years - discovering HIGHBORN just goes to show it’s never too late.

I’m happily retired having worked all my life alongside raising a family.

I've been a dental receptionist, administrator for several utility companies and a business I shared with my late husband. 

I’ve had horses most of my adult life and ridden since I was little. I loved everything about caring for them, riding and even competing. I often gave a home to horses and ponies - sadly, usually neglect cases. I was proud I improved their lives and gave them a new start... 

Life changed 16 years ago when I very sadly had to part with my horses and move away from my home to a new area alone. I found myself taking up a totally new and different hobby...sailing! I’ve had some great experiences. Very hard work at times. 

Every summer I was away for months sailing. It really broadened my horizons. I still sail today but not as often and not as far.

I came across HIGHBORN just at the right time...During the first lockdown I started playing around more with make-up (something I rarely do!). I felt I needed to spend more time on my skin rather than cover it up. 

I was so used to buying off-the-shelf skincare products from the chemist or supermarket. Not really thinking too much about what’s inside...

I saw an ad with a customer saying how she “dared to go without make-up” since using HIGHBORN. I decided to start with the Imperial Moisturiser and that's when the adventure began! It's absolutely beautiful this cream...

I’ve got quite a collection now! I've gone on to buy the Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum, the Imperial Eye Gel...and more!

I'm delighted with all the products! I’ve noticed several changes to my skin. It looks and feels has a glow to it that I love. It's hard to find something that genuinely works.

BUT I am also delighted with how they make me feel. I no longer rush in the mornings and at bedtime. I make it my special “me time”. It really feels like a treat.

When I shower, I use the Natural Luminosity Scrub, shampoo and conditioner...and the body butter! So it’s not just my face that gets the HIGHBORN treatment. 

I have recently fallen in love with the organic lip glosses too! I’ve never liked a lipgloss but these are like nothing else. Hear more about that in my video... 

I’m very happy with my skin overall but my love for the great outdoors has caused my skin to suffer over the years. I’ve got what some people describe as sun, liver or age spots. I call them large freckles... 

I don't like them. I’m hoping the new Organic Age-Defying Facial Oil will help!

I shall report back later…

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