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Keep Your Summer Glow All Through Autumn

Autumn is nearly nearly here and to make sure you keep your summer glow do you need to change your skincare routine?


Your summer glow need not fade away but you'll want to keep glowing with the right routine. 

Let’s get to it:


Exfoliation is still king, as your skin gets dry and flaky, you're going to have a lot of excess dead skin that needs to be removed.

This can help reveal brighter and lighter skin that’s underneath. 

The good thing is, most don't need have to exfoliate as often as in the summer. Not least because the weather is cooler and perspire less!


Cleansing should remain and be a part of your basic skincare. With a cleanser, we suggest going for a creamy, gentle cleanser such as Crystal Cleanser. If you’re already using it, good for you! If not, invest in one. Throw caution to the wind and give a new product a go. 


After you’ve patted your skin dry, I recommend going for a hydrating serum or booster right after the cleanser. If this isn’t a part of your basic routine, it’s time to add it in, just to give your skin some more moisture. Our Pre-Eminent Beauty Serum is still our most popular single product!


This season requires something more. Luxurious. Heavy duty. Don’t be alarmed. Rich creams aren’t necessarily going to cause a breakout and irritate your skin. Imperial Moisturiser for day time, Night Elixir for night are just what you need. 

And finally, don’t forget to give it all an extra boost by adding some powerful and healthy superfoods to your grocery list. Tie it all in together and let yourself truly enjoy the beauty of autumn.

Henry (junior) and Matilda have already been enjoying conker games!

Have an amazing day, Tracey xxx

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